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InHouse offers, in a single multifunctional space in the center of Rome, the possibility to manage the entire digital post-production process (video and audio) in a simple and direct way and satisfy all creative needs with attention to the technical and organizational aspects of every step of the process.

INHOUSE uses separate but totally interconnected workstations, guaranteeing maximum efficiency through a fast and powerful collaborative workflow, designed to maximize processing times.

The video department team is made up of highly experienced conformers, video artists and graphic designers.

Sound Post Production

  • Mix room certified DOLBY © 7.1


  • Sound editing room DOLBY ATMOS ©


  • Sound editing room 5.1


Color Grading

  • 2k NEC projection technology

  • 4k color television HDR monitor Sony X300

  • Dolby Vision certification

  • Control room DCP dolby 7.1 and Nec 2k technology.

  • Latest generation high performance render farm

  • Centralized 500 TB storage

  • 20 gigabyte Ethernet data infrastructure connection


Post Production Facilities

All digital deliverables

Titles / Subtitles

Tape / File supports


Digital QC

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