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INHOUSE Post Produzione CInema e Televisione


InHouse Digital Cinema Boutique, active in Rome since 2013, was born from the different experiences of a qualified group of professionals united in their desire to create a structure capable of true innovation in the post-production sector for some of the most successful films and television products .

These include Paolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty, Youth and The Young Pope, Gabriele Mainetti's Jeeg Robot, Paolo Virzi's La  Pazza Gioia, Sydney Sibilia's Trilogy Smetto Quando Voglio, Veloce Come il Vento and The First King For by Matteo Rovere, for this last titles, the studio staff received the Italian Academy Award, David di Donatello 2017 and 2020, for best sound.

In House Post Produzione Digitale Roma

Product quality

Always in first place. This means no compromises, only and always maximum quality in all processes, audio and video, to obtain a final product at the highest possible level, therefore capable of satisfying the most demanding customers - and ourselves.

In House Post Produzione Digitale Roma

Effectiveness of processes

For us it means guaranteeing constant monitoring, sharing and continuous exchange between departments along the entire post-production chain with a view to teamworking, to offer your project the fastest and most effective workflow thanks to constantly updated technologies .


Attention to our customer

Indispensable element that constantly runs through all our work. We work in a user-friendly unitary space, and we can manage online access to the materials of the various projects at any time, using innovative methods and on the basis of selected permits.


Security certification

We are a certified laboratory for the management of the anti-piracy protocols of MiBact materials where the project source files are processed in restricted access areas, protected with codes assigned individually to each team member.

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